Performance Art Redux

Topsy Turvy

Topsy Turvy

When I posted Polarized, in early May, I ended the blog with “More to come…,” so here it is at last, Topsy Turvy.  My dancer made it to the pole, as athletic as she was when she was approaching it, her lower body and abdominal strength in view, matching that upper body strength of the first painting.  

A shout out here to Whitney Browne for allowing me to use her gorgeous photos of these terrific athletes in action. Again, I was attracted to the sensuous curves of the dancer and the play of theatrical lights on her body…fun to paint! 

I have extolled the values of painting class before and was reminded of that the other day, when it was one of my painting friends who told me about the Brown University Poler Bears, a coed competitive pole dancing team with their own FaceBook page. If I ever paint another pole dancer, I might want to look for a male model…

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