Counting My Blessings



I sat down to write this post just before Thanksgiving, a time when I always give thanks for my  children, who are my greatest accomplishment, and my grandchildren, who fill my life with a joy beyond words. This year on July 30th, we welcomed our fifth granddaughter, Mila, to the world. Ever since our first granddaughter, Isabelle, was born, I have drawn or painted the girls, so no surprise that I felt the urge to paint Mila. When my daughter-in-law’s sister posted a photo on Facebook, I knew that I would paint this portrait of a beautiful mother and child. I just assumed it was Mila she was holding. Imagine my surprise today, when I gave them the painting, to find that the photo was taken two years ago, and it was Mila’s sister Lasa in her arms! I painted the wrong baby! So here is a portrait of my dear daughter-in-law, Sinthisone, known as Gunny…and stay tuned for a portrait of Mila.

2 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings

  1. I watched you paint this chapter of your life with love and precise definition…No matter the child in “Gunnys” arms
    I watched the love unfold in this piece of artistic expression…
    Again I’ll get to watch u create the beauty of your family…
    I guess legs are on hold..


    • You’re right, of course. But it was a bit of egg on my face! I probably won’t be surprising anyone with a painting anymore and will, of course, paint Mila. And I’ll finish that tango first.


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