From Drawing to Painting

Looking for Love


My dear friend, Carole Goldberger, is a big fan of my work (she has several paintings of mine in her home), but especially likes the grisailles (monochromatic drawings in paint) that I draw on my canvases before I begin my paintings. In Florida for the holidays, I had a small, blank canvas in my studio, chose an image of a couple about to kiss, cropped it and painted a grisaille. I posted it on Instragram that day, with the caption, “A good start.” Carole commented, “Start? Finished I’d say.” Which got me thinking…so I got another small canvas and drew the same grisaille again. This one, of course, I actually painted. Now I can offer the grisaille or the painting, Looking for Love, separately or together. Interesting, I think…maybe even inspired! 

Looking for Love | Grisaille

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