The Affordable Art Fair




I was delighted to open this email yesterday from See|Me at Since I was unable to be in New York for the event, I had to wait until now to see which of my entries had been chosen. I was honored to see that Reach made the cut.




Dear Nancy Satin:

It’s been an honor to show your work as part of The Affordable Art Fair. Your work was on view on March 27th – 31st, 2019 at: The Affordable Art Fair, Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011. Without question, the act of creation has always been a historical marker; a civilization’s culture is judged first and foremost by the art left behind. Just as archaeologists offer hypotheses about ancient societies based on cave paintings, historians of the future will base their conjectures about us on the contemporary art that is happening at this very moment. As technology makes our world more interconnected, the act of creation has become a universal language and a vital conversation. Your art represented at the annual Affordable Art Fair is a thrilling contribution to that dialogue. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and with the world.

No April Fool



I was thrilled and delighted to receive a Special Recognition Award for Flame from the LightSpaceTime Online Gallery’s 9th Figurative Exhibition. I have devoted most of the last three years to portrait and figure, so awards from juried exhibitions of my efforts are particularly satisfying. Receiving the news on April !st, I was happy to know that it was no joke!   

My Son and His Son

The Prince


My husband and I have been blessed with six beautiful grandchildren; our daughter has three daughters, and our son now has two daughters and a son (the prince amongst those five princesses). I’ve painted each of our granddaughters several times, so it’s no surprise that our one and only grandson, Teddy Grey Satin, named for his paternal grandfather, Teddy Satin, is my latest subject. Since I’ve painted each of his sisters, Lasa and Mila, as infants held by their mother, I thought I’d paint baby Teddy with his father this time. There’s something about a man with a baby…



Best of the Clubs 2019 | Exhibition at the Lighthouse Artcenter

Dancing With the Stars

I attended yet another lovely reception at the Lighthouse Artcenter in Tequesta, FL, on Thursday evening, March 21st, for the Best of the Clubs juried exhibition, which ran through March 28th. This was the largest exhibition of paintings, photographs and 3D art from more country club communities than they’ve ever displayed before, and I’m happy to have Dancing With the Stars included in such good company! Now that I’m a full time Florida resident, I look forward to joining the Lighthouse Artcenter as a member, giving me more opportunities to show my work at this impressive venue for artists.   

Special Recognition

Madison & 33rd | circa 1952

My father, a restaurateur in Manhattan, was an amateur photographer with a darkroom in our basement, where he developed his own photographs. I painted his restaurant in color from my memories of it and a black and white photo he took. If you enlarge the photo of the painting, you can make out his reflection in the front door—a faint figure in an overcoat and fedora. I had never painted a cityscape before, nor have I since, but painting Lomar Restaurant was special for me and my older sister, so I painted it for her for a special birthday and then painted it again for myself, calling it Madison & 33rd | circa 1952. When LightSpaceTime Online Gallery ran a competition for their 9th Annual Cityscapes Exhibition, it was the only painting I entered. Imagine my surprise and delight to hear that it was included in the exhibition and won Special Recognition in the Paintings and Other Media category, along with 49 other entries. A slide show of the exhibition will run for the month of February on My father would have been proud…

Silent Auction

I try to contribute to the BallenIsles Charitable Foundation for its good work for the Palm Beach Gardens community in some way every year. This year, I donated a painting to the Silent Auction at the close of a long weekend of sold out activities and had a lovely write up in the preview for the festivities.

Some say it was a pear Eve ate…

Some say it was a pear Eve ate…, an unframed oil on canvas by Nancy Satin, measures 40” x 30.” But look closely and you will see a “Da Vinci Code” in the painting. Be sure to mount your new painting across from a mirror so that you can read the message! Nancy Satin, originally from the Boston area, is now a local Florida artist. She has participated in many Art Exhibitions, including our local Lighthouse ArtCenter. Her website is: Nancy is a BallenIsles resident.

New Year News


Good news for the new year came from Light Space & Time Online Gallery today. I entered their 8th Annual All Women Art Exhibition, and Diva won a Special Recognition award for outstanding art in the Painting and Other Media category. The gallery received 909 entries from 24 countries from around the world, including 37 states in the U.S., so I am honored to be including among so many talented women.

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted since October 18, a significant date for me and my husband, since that was the day we accepted an offer for our house in Swampscott. We only had two months to clean out and pack up the home we’ve had there for almost 45 years, so painting and posting had to take a back seat for a couple of months until we closed and moved to our condo in Florida. Recovering from the stress and labor involved in such a big move has been a challenge, but I’m just about ready to resume my life and get back to painting again. Look for a painting of my son and his son soon, as well as several black & white studies…