BallenIsles Art Club Revolving Exhibit

Lucky to have the chance to be included in the fourth Revolving Art Show this season at BallenIsles Country Club, I entered Rabbi Rich, the portrait I painted of my husband from a color photo taken of him the evening he officiated at the wedding of our son and daughter-in-law, and Argentine Tango, a celebration of the dancers I love to paint. The exhibit is up for viewing from February 3rd to March 9th.







photo (6)

Today my husband and I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  The two kids (19 and 25 years old) who married that August night have two extraordinary married children and four amazing granddaughters to remind us how blessed we are.

I’m always flattered when someone thinks that I did this portrait of my handsome prince, but it was painted by Debra Freeman Highberger, a wonderful artist and the woman who let me draw for eight months in her painting class before she handed me my first canvas and gave me the gift of art.


It must have been about six years ago, when my daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters (at the time) were in Boston for a visit, and we found ourselves at the New England Aquarium.  I only had my phone with me, but I took some pictures, mostly of the smaller exhibits, filled with creatures who wouldn’t have survived in the big tank–colorful, smaller fish and creepily beautiful jellyfish.  The only jellyfish I was familiar with were the jellyfish of my childhood at Rockaway Beach or Jones Beach–round, transparent, seemingly slimy things, meant to be avoided.  But days later, flipping through my photos, I couldn’t help but be attracted to the colors, shapes and, particularly, the transparency of these denizens of the deep.