The Greatest Gift

Our littlest grandchildren, when asked what they wanted for Chanukah this year, each requested a small painting for their new bedrooms. Lasa, who is 8, asked for a unicorn blowing rainbow bubbles. I cheated a little & made this unicorn’s bubbles the colors of a rainbow.

Mila, who is 6, asked for a cheeseburger with French fries and popcorn, her favorite foods. I stuck a toothpick with a gold star in her cheeseburger to celebrate her gold medal win for her vault in a gymnastics competition a few weeks ago.

Teddy, who is 4 and our 6th and last grandchild and only grandson, asked for a shark with a lightning bolt! At first, I painted a more realistic lightning bolt but decided Teddy would appreciate a more cartoony version.

Unfortunately unable to be with our son’s family this holiday season (though we did have a great time with our daughter’s family), I had to ship their Chanukah gifts to them this year. The greatest gift for me was watching their reactions as they each unwrapped their paintings. Priceless!!