New Year News


Good news for the new year came from Light Space & Time Online Gallery today. I entered their 8th Annual All Women Art Exhibition, and Diva won a Special Recognition award for outstanding art in the Painting and Other Media category. The gallery received 909 entries from 24 countries from around the world, including 37 states in the U.S., so I am honored to be including among so many talented women.

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted since October 18, a significant date for me and my husband, since that was the day we accepted an offer for our house in Swampscott. We only had two months to clean out and pack up the home we’ve had there for almost 45 years, so painting and posting had to take a back seat for a couple of months until we closed and moved to our condo in Florida. Recovering from the stress and labor involved in such a big move has been a challenge, but I’m just about ready to resume my life and get back to painting again. Look for a painting of my son and his son soon, as well as several black & white studies…



Hair! The Painting, Not The Musical


I love to paint hair, strange as that may seem. Straight, wavy, curly, wispy—all are challenging and fun for a portrait artist. My first most successful paintings of my oldest granddaughters were views of the backs of their heads, with them looking at themselves in a playground mirror: Izzy with her straight hair and Maddie with the curls.

It’s no wonder that I was immediately attracted to Whitney Browne’s portrait of a striking African-American woman with a magnificent head of hair. I worked hard to do justice to her spectacular do and, though she may not be one at all, to be able to call her Diva… 

Mirror, Mirror | Izzy

Mirror, Mirror | Maddie