Me & MGee | Part II

One of the reasons I haven’t posted the progress of one of my paintings before is that I very often lose the drawing in the first application of paint. Here I’m just trying to knock the colors in and throw in the background (she’s sitting on a window seat, with cushions behind her)—to cover the canvas in paint. There will be plenty of time for me to get the drawing back; right now I just want to get some flesh going, whiten those pesky teeth and put her clothes on. My husband, who is my biggest fan, will invariably shake his head when he sees this stage of the process, disappointed that I’ve lost the likeness, inevitably causing me to remind him that it’s not finished yet! 

Ready for a Closeup


When I finished painting Double Exposure, I went back to Whitney Browne to find a different view of the same woman, also a ghost image. She’s still in motion, starting to turn away from herself, and so bathed in color that I had to paint her again. Different from any portrait I’ve ever painted, the only colors I used for her flesh were violet, rose and white for her face, with the addition of red, orange and yellow for her arms, yet I still see “flesh” in her image. It occurs to me that using a palette of few colors is not so different from my work in black and white. Discovering things in each painting I do, I go to school on my own work and use what I learn on the next piece. Stay tuned…