The People’s Choice Award | 2018

The Marblehead Festival of the Arts is celebrated every Fourth of July weekend with exhibits and activities throughout the town. I have submitted paintings to the Painting Exhibit and Senior Art for as long as I have been eligible but have never won an award. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone call yesterday morning to tell me that my painting, Rising, in the Senior Art exhibit of the Festival, won the People’s Choice Award this year! People attending the exhibits have an opportunity to vote for their favorite work, and Rising got the most votes in Senior Art! I am beyond thrilled and happy to have this encouragement from the people who attended the festival in the last five days and saw fit to choose my painting. I am very honored, and I can’t seem to stop smiling!






Acorn Gallery Summer Show

Dropped in to see my friends and two small paintings of mine hung at the Acorn Gallery during the Marblehead Arts Festival on the Fourth of July weekend. The centerpiece of the summer show is a replica of Van Gogh’s Irises, painted on twenty individual canvas panels, each by a different Pre-Portfolio 2 student. All around that and in the rest of the space are paintings by adult student artists and owners Debra Freeman Highberger, Jack Highberger and Alexis Kereakoglow, all of which are priced crazy low for the holiday weekend sale. #bargains!

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