Me & MGee | Part III

Mila’s back—but she’s still not finished! Once the canvas has been covered, it’s time to go back in to recapture the drawing, feature by feature. One of my earliest drawing teachers said that artists are trained to see better than most people. So it is my habit, when painting a portrait from a photograph, to use the photo on my iPad, rather than a print, for my model. It’s an amazing tool that allows me to see better, to focus on each feature individually, as well as how each relates to the others. And the colors! I like to think that my best portraits have personality, just like their subjects. Those teeth are still pretty pesky, but I’ll get to them next time…

Me & MGee | Part I

I’m about to take a page from my mentor’s playbook and publish my progress on a small portrait of my littlest granddaughter, Mila Grey Satin, sometimes referred to as MGee. Though I’ve painted her for her parents, it’s my turn to have an image of her for our condo in Florida, where her sister and cousins are already well represented. This is the grisaille, a drawing in paint of this precious child, that I always do monochromatically, hoping to catch the essence of my subject before my brain starts to name the parts of her face and I wind up with a generic baby, instead of her. This is Mila.