Me & MGee | At Last!


In the end, it’s all in the details: the eyes, her mouth, the teeth (finally!), the hint of a dimple high on her cheek and even the setting are what make the portrait Mila. It’s important to know when you’re finished with a painting…enough to call it done. Believe me, I could obsess over the portrait, but now that I can see MGee, sitting on the window seat in Lasa’s room, with pillows behind her and her face lit up with glee (as usual, I might add—she is a happy girl) on her first birthday, I’m satisfied. Actually, I’m pretty pleased that I’ll be able to look at the painting in Florida this winter, when I’m not a seven minute drive away from seeing my girls, and be reminded of her joy.




Me & MGee | Part I

I’m about to take a page from my mentor’s playbook and publish my progress on a small portrait of my littlest granddaughter, Mila Grey Satin, sometimes referred to as MGee. Though I’ve painted her for her parents, it’s my turn to have an image of her for our condo in Florida, where her sister and cousins are already well represented. This is the grisaille, a drawing in paint of this precious child, that I always do monochromatically, hoping to catch the essence of my subject before my brain starts to name the parts of her face and I wind up with a generic baby, instead of her. This is Mila.