Dancing the Night Away

I love everything about dancing. I took my first ballet class before I was 5 and, bursting with pride, was a dancing tulip by the time June came around, when I experienced my first annual dance recital. I married a good dancer and still enjoy dancing with him whenever possible, whether at someone’s wedding or, on a Friday night, at the club where we live. I particularly like watching the young dancers perform on So You Think You Can Dance and must admit that I even enjoy Dancing With the Stars. Painting dancers is even more fun for me these days, especially when it includes the challenge of portraying movement on a static canvas.

Dancing the Night Away is a portrait of a dance troupe, but it could just as easily be seen as a memory of my high school days in the late 50’s and early 60’s, when we all watched American Bandstand and dreamed about dancing on TV with our friends

Ghost Images

Double Exposure

It’s almost two years since I first worked with Whitney Browne, and her photographs continue to move me. I’m particularly fascinated with her double exposures, allowing her subjects to be in two places at once. Since I love to paint movement, whether smoke in the air, jellyfish in the sea, or dancers on land, these images of hers speak to me. It’s a great challenge to suggest motion on a flat canvas and makes for many hours of both enjoyable and excruciating painting. Because the photos are not exactly realistic, I can paint the shapes and colors without allowing my brain to name them and miraculously end up with what I think is an interesting and unusual painting.