Let’s Party!

Lasa Grey

Spa Day







Today our beautiful granddaughter, Lasa, celebrates her third birthday. I’ve painted her three times in the last three years, but I’m sure I’m not done yet. Happy birthday, darling Lasa!

Totally Chill

As we close our condo in Florida for the season, I’ve completed my winter project with the last portrait for the triptych “Three Sisters.” I intended to paint Cassie from a sweet photograph of her at her sister’s middle school graduation last year, until my daughter sent a text with a picture of Cassie that made me change my plans. There she was, in the front hall of their house, slouched against the furniture, wearing cool sunglasses (not the first time I’ve painted her in sunglasses) and cooler clothes, being the totally chill kid she is. That’s the portrait of Cassandra at 8 I had to paint. She’s  completely her own person…fierce with plenty of sweet, happy-go-lucky, kind, shrug off everything, smart, you go girl attitude. But I’m not too crazy about her, am I?

Three Sisters

Putting Yourself Out There

Dancing With the Stars

Film Noir

I read an article about rejection last year that caused me to make a concerted effort to enter as many exhibits and competitions as I could that come through my emails and art publications and relate to my work. The premise, of course, is that rejection is the best thing that can happen to an artist, making us try harder to ultimately become better at what we do. So after being turned down from various exhibits in New York City, Hollywood, Fl, & Los Angeles, CA, I was thrilled to find that two of my pieces have received recognition in the Special Merit Award Category of the Figurative Art Exhibition at the Light Space & Time Online Gallery, chosen from 667 entries. All winning entries are now featured on lightspacetime.art for the month of April 2017; thereafter, the artwork will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. The Special Merit Award artists are featured in this video in alphabetical order, so my paintings don’t appear until about 10 minutes in, but I think you’ll appreciate all the wonderful work here. I’m very proud to be included, and, I must say, I think acceptance feels ever so much better than rejection…

Best of the Clubs: Exhibition at the Lighthouse ArtCenter

I attended a lovely reception at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta, FL, Thursday night, celebrating the Best of the Clubs exhibition, which features the works of artists from thirteen country club communities in the area. While I enjoyed many of the paintings and the 3-D art, there were countless photographs that were impressive and a few that looked more like paintings—remarkable manipulation now possible in this world of digital photography.

Film Noir





I entered Love Me Tender and What’s Love Got To Do With It as a diptych called Film Noir, hopefully evoking those black and white movies of the 30’s and 40’s that I’ve watched ever since the 50’s (remember Million Dollar Movie?) and continue to see on Turner Classics. Just call it nostalgia…